Fighting to Preserve Our Native Environment

NativeStrong Pledge

Our children and grandchildren deserve to enjoy the same Lone Star State as we do, and this Texas heritage includes the native plants and animals that have defined this state for centuries. I pledge to raise awareness about the importance of this legacy and let others know that I agree with the EcoTexas pledge to be "NativeStrong".

Why Go Native?

Native Plants are naturally part of a local environment and fulfill important functions within an ecosystem. By planting a native species you are helping to preserve the local environment for your children and grandchildren as well as giving yourself the gift of hardier, better looking plants.

What Is an Invasive Species?

Invasive species are foreign plants and animals which invade a local environment and wreak havoc on it. Even planting one invasive species can cause substantial environmental, economic, and health damage.

Eco Texas is a nonprofit organization that encourages friends and neighbors to take action to reduce the threat of invasive species to our community. Making a difference is easy as there are many ways to help out. Join us in our attempts to lessen the threat invasive species pose to our precious ecosystems.”

Workday Photos!

Check out these great photos of some of our volunteers working hard at a recent Zilker Preserve workday!

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Thank You!

Thank you for helping to preserve the Texas heritage by agreeing with the NativeStrong pledge. By clicking "Submit" you are able to continue to EcoTexas' home at, where you can learn more about the issue presented by non-native, invasive plants and animals to the State of Texas.

By pledging to be NativeStrong, you are simply lending your voice in supporting of the fundamental aspiration that we must preserve the unique Texas heritage for future generations. This is non-binding and will not result in any sort of spam or email abuse; it only helps to gauge support amongst fellow Texans for our basic creed.

EcoTexas is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based out of Austin, TX that was founded in 2007 and has mobilized thousands of Texans to make a difference in their community based around the ideal that by pulling together, we can preserve the state we know and love for future generations.