Welcome to EcoTexas

EcoTexas is a nonprofit organization that encourages friends and neighbors to take action to reduce the threat of invasive species to our community. Making a difference is easy as there are many ways to help out. Join us in our attempts to lessen the threat invasive species pose to our precious ecosystems.

Our Numbers


EcoTexas has mobilized thousands of volunteers, managed a multi-million dollar public awareness campaign, and restored hundreds of acres of parkland (including Austin's famous Zilker Preserve). In the process, we have engaged other groups and help sparked a broader movement.

Our Pledge


The EcoTexan Pledge raises awareness about the importance of native ecosystems. They are crucial to protecting our broader environment, economy, and heritage for future generations. By joining our voices together, we can make a real difference in preserving the Texas that we love.

Our Future


We see a bright future in which invasives no longer pose a threat to us, our environment, and our state. We have new projects ranging from youth education to public action and invasive removal to Tex-Mex food to make this future a reality. With your help, it will be.

Why be NativeStrong with EcoTexas?

Native species are naturally part of a local environment and fulfill important functions within an ecosystem. By planting a native species you are helping to preserve the local environment for your children and grandchildren as well as giving yourself the gift of hardier, better looking plants.

Invasive species are foreign plants and animals which invade a local environment and wreak havoc on it. Even planting one invasive species can cause substantial environmental, economic, and health damage, in addition to threatening the very heritage of the great state in which we live.

Further Reading

We encourage you to learn more about the advantages of native species and the harmful effects of invasive species. Please reference the additional resources regarding invasive species provided by EcoTexas and our partners: